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  • Day 1 - A fantastic day in Glenorchy  #bts #photoproduction #newzealand  Our Production Team | #loveyourshoot
  • “The crunch of your crampons hitting the ice. The hush of the room as you drop into the mat. The sound of a helicopter’s propeller as you rise over snowy peaks. Experiences like these stay with us forever and form who we are. This season, we created gifts that make experiences like this possible, and gave them to some of the most inspiring women we know. Through them, we experienced the most epic activities, from snowkiting to skijoring. Make this holiday epic. 
We’re right there with you.”
#PowerofShe  The campaign we shot in July has just been released by Athleta. An incredible time shooting around Aoraki/Mt Cook and Queenstown/Glenorchy with a fantastic cast & crew.  Our Production Team | #loveyourshoot  #production #photography #newzealand #aoraki #queenstown
  • Friday #flashback to a shoot we did with Steve McCurry, F32 Productions for Microsoft Windows 10.  Shot over 7 days in incredible locations all around New Zealand.  An amazing shoot with a fantastic bunch of people.
This image is shot at Wharakiki Beach which is located west of Cape Farewell, at the northernmost tip of the South Island of New Zealand.  A truely magical and untouched part of the world.  #photography #photoproduction #newzealand  Our Production Team | #loveyourshoot
  • Crazy to think that the north island of NZ is currently having warm, sunny weather.  Yet the south island is bracing for another spring snow fall.  Living up to the reputation of 4 seasons in one day.
Image by Lewis Mulatero for Air New Zealand
📷 @sha_and_lewis 
#photography #production #winter #newzealand  Our Production Team | #loveyourshoot
  • It’s been a while since we’ve done a location of the week, here is today’s magnificent Manapouri.
Located in the southwest corner of the South Island of New Zealand.  The small township lies on the shores of the lake and the Waiao River.  Originally called Roto-au (the rainy lake), Lake Manapouri is often described as the 'loveliest' of all lakes with it’s 33 small islands set against a backdrop of high mountain ranges with a border of native bush and coves.  #manapouri #locationscout #photography #production #newzealand  Our Production Team | #loveyourshoot
  • 125 years ago today following a lengthy campaign, New Zealand 🇳🇿 became the first self-governing country in the world to grant women the right to vote.
As a company run by two women, that makes us pretty proud of all the incredible women that fought for this 125 years ago.  A huge thanks to those women, and the many trailblazers that continue to fight for change for the better.  #suffrage125 #whakatuwahine #suffragettes #newzealand
  • Behind every road cone… #throwback to a Partridge Jewellers shoot we did with photographer Derek Henderson/Map Ltd on a lovely (but windy) winter’s day earlier this year.
Photographer: Derek Henderson @derekhendersonphoto
Photo Agent: M.A.P Management & Production, Sydney @mapltd  Our Production Team | #loveyourshoot
  • #tuesdayvibes on a lovely spring day in Auckland 🇳🇿
Here’s a blast from the past to a Seabourn Cruise Line shoot over Auckland city with the incredibly talented Dana Neibert. 📷 @dananeibert  #photography #production #auckland #newzealand  Our Production Team | #loveyourshoot
  • Although spring has arrived in New Zealand, we still have these breathtaking, crisp winter views around the lakes of Queenstown, Wanaka and Central Otago. Perfect snowy locations are still available. 
Get in touch with the OPT team and we’ll help bring that vision to life.
📷Dave Comer
#production #photography #locationscout #newzealand 
Our Production Team | #loveyourshoot
  • Love a manuka flower
  • And that’s a wrap!
  • Today’s office
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